About us

Sea Sun Immo is a fully recognised property specialist consisting of a dynamic and professional team that work with the utmost care to find your ideal spot under the sun. Whether it concerns a new-build project or a second-hand home, we can assist you with advice and action from A to Z. Sea Sun Immo does everything to meet the needs of our customers. We become your partner from the very beginning, from selecting properties to the ultimate aftercare including all possible administration. This way you can enjoy a quiet and carefree life while we take care of everything for you.

Are you planning to purchase a new property?

First, it is advisable to engage a Spanish lawyer who is familiar with Spanish law and can thus protect your interests. Of course, we do this together with you and give you all the advice and guide you step by step in this process. The purchase of a new-build home is done in several steps. First, you pay the reservation costs for the home. The builder draws up a purchase agreement and forwards it to the law firm you work with. This contract is thoroughly checked and forwarded to you as a buyer. Your lawyer starts by checking several matters such as title deed and building permit. The lawyer also checks whether the client has a sound bank guarantee. After these checks you are ready for the first down payment. Further payments are made according to the dates that were recorded in the reservation contract. The final payment is due upon completion of your residence. This is when you sign the public deed at the notary.

Are you planning to purchase an existing property?

This step-by-step plan is a little different than the purchase of a new property. Your lawyer will first contact the seller’s lawyer to request all legal documents. Here also will be a thorough check of the documents, legality, outstanding debts, etc. Once everything has been checked, the purchase contract is discussed, and an initial down payment is made. An end date is also set in the document. This date is the transfer date when one is together with the notary to have the deed executed. This date is always discussed with both parties. This can happen fairly quickly, but if the buyer needs a mortgage, this date can be delayed.

Do you need to be present in Spain for a purchase?

In principle you sign your official deed. If that does not work, you can work with a notarial proxy. You hereby authorize your lawyer to sign for you. With this proxy, the lawyer can also open a bank account for you, request a NIE number, transfer the utilities to your name, receive your keys, etc. In fact, everything happens without your presence and when you arrive in Spain you can fully enjoy your new property. Amazing, isn’t it?

We as a broker follow every step carefully and report on all the new elements in your file. We take photos, are in close contact with the lawyer and notary and the client when purchasing a new building, or with the seller of a resale. So, you don’t have to worry yourself. We do all the administration for you, make the necessary contacts, in short, for you as a customer it is carefree enjoyment after you have decided to make a purchase in Spain.

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